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TYpical Italian Restaurant

“er Faciolaro”, restaurant in Rome will make you taste excellent dishes of Roman cuisine, near the Pantheon


Own origins

“er Faciolaro” Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Rome: founded in 1930 as a pastry making, it cooked the beans for employees until …

Typical Cooking!

Italian Flavours

“er Faciolaro” restaurant offers its guests the authentic recipes of typical dishes of Roman cuisine, prepared with products of excellent quality..

Ancient Traditions!

Like 60 Years ago …

The typical Roman cuisine was originally made with simple but nutritious and tasty dishes, such as bean soup, which was the first dish cooked in our restaurant more then 60 years ago!

Very Close To …

… and inside Rome

  • Pantheon ( 1 minute walk )
  • Vittoriano ( 10 minute walk )
  • Via del Corso ( 3 minute walk )
  • Piazza Navona ( 5 minute walk )

Just Some specialties of our Restaurant!

Cacio e pepe

Pasta with Pecorino cheese and and freshly grated black pepper.

Pasta with seafood

Pasta with mussels and clams. Fragrant and tasty dish.

Lamb and potatoes

Lamb and potatoes baked with rosemary. Typical Roman dish.

Beans soup

Beans soup with bread cooked with fresh sausage and sweet chili

… discover more on “eR FaciolarO” …

Traditional Pizzeria with Italian Wood Oven!

About Us …

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“The food and service was extremely good!”

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“Great, restaurant for a good value Italian meal.”


“The food is wonderful, particularly the tagliatelle ”

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