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Welcome to the website of the restaurant "Er Faciolaro. This is a typical Roman restaurant 1 minute walk from the Pantheon

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Our story

"Er Faciolaro" restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Rome: founded in 1930 as a pastry making, it cooked the beans for employees until ...

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Some of our famous dishes

Cacio e pepe
Pasta with Pecorino cheese and and freshly grated black pepper.

Lamb and potatoes
Lamb and potatoes baked with rosemary. Typical Roman dish.

Pasta with seafood
Pasta with mussels and clams. Fragrant and tasty dish.

Beans soup
Beans soup with bread cooked with fresh sausage and sweet chili

Dicono di noi...

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    "The food and service was extremely good!"

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    "Great, restaurant for a good value Italian meal."

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    "The food is wonderful, particularly the tagliatelle "

Phone: (+39) 06.678.38.96

Faciolaro s.r.l. - Restaurant - Via dei Pastini 122/123 - 00186 - Rome - Vat Number: 09598781004
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Er Faciolaro

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